The Pet Loss Support Group of Ottawa was started over 15 years ago, as a group of pet owners, veterinary professionals and concerned citizens saw a increasing need to help people in the Ottawa area cope with the pain and difficulty of losing a pet.  Since then, we have seen a rise in public awareness regarding the importance of companion animals and the roles they play in our lives.



We're here to help...


Many people suffer alone when they lose a pet or are faced with making the difficult decision of euthanasia. They feel alienated because others don't understand how they feel.

The Pet Loss Support Group of Ottawa is dedicated to providing comfort and support to people coping with or anticipating the death of a companion animal. We are here to inform the public of the strength and importance of the bond between people and their pets, and of the need for support when that bond is broken by the death of a beloved pet.



What else does the PLSG provide?


We provide information on subjects related to pet loss through informative lectures and provide access to an extensive list of resource materials. Lists of suggested readings can be obtained through your veterinarian or at our meetings. Please also visit our links page here to see information available online.

We also have a list of referrals from several professionals in our community if you need more personal and in depth help in coping with your feelings of loss. Each of these people have expressed a special interest in providing compassionate support and counseling for people coping with grief over the loss of a pet.



Our group facilitator since 2000 has been Dr. Lianna Titcombe, a local veterinarian who specializes in end-of-life home care for pets.  You can read more about Dr. Titcombe here.  Our volunteers and guest speakers come from varied backgrounds related to pet and human health; veterinarians and veterinary staff, people with social work and psychology backgrounds, as well as fellow pet owners who have dealt with the loss of their pets. We are all here for the same reason and all on a volunteer basis.